Tag: ICEBOUND game

06 maj 2024


We are pleased to announce our next project: ICEBOUND – first-person rover simulator!

Step into the boots of Henry, a seasoned wilderness firefighter. Tasked with aiding a rescue expedition in the frigid wilderness of northern Quebec, Henry finds himself separated from his team in the midst of a ferocious weather crisis and plummeting temperatures.

Now, with danger lurking at every turn, it’s up to you to navigate a treacherous landscape pursued by a hostile military faction. Your survival hinges on exploring the terrain with the aid of a formidable snow rover called the Beast.


  • Pilot heavy-duty snow vehicle through challenging landscapes.
  • Confront dynamic weather and terrains that push your limits.
  • Outmaneuver hostile forces using stealth and strategic approach.
  • Manage resources and maintain your vehicle to endure harsh conditions.
  • Explore personal motivations that enrich this survival journey.