Car Mechanic Simulator VR Guidelines

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Can’t put wheels back on the vehicle.

Make sure you balance the wheels after replacing the tires and rims. You can use the wheel balancing device located nearby to do this.

Items falling out while moving

If you are using teleportation as your movement option, be aware that it is an instantaneous movement from points A to B. If there are any obstacles in the way, such as barrels or cars, there may be a collision with the held object, causing it to drop. Try to move in the clear path. You can always change the option of movement from teleportation to normal.

How to move the car and use the lift

In the first mission, you need to move the car and lift it so you can work on it. To move the car, walk up to it and use the pie menu (point the laser on the car and press the grab button). Choose the option to move the car. Once the car is on the jack, go to the switch and turn on the power. Use the up/down buttons to raise or lower the car.

Can’t reach certain parts with your hand

If you are having trouble reaching certain parts with your hand, try using the laser from a distance. You can turn on the laser by pressing the knob on the controller. Then press the trigger “to call” part to you. Try to catch them on a flight.

Left-handed players

Unfortunately, there is no option to swap controllers for left-handed players.

Disappearing plates and windshields

This is not a bug, that is a feature. you can mount it again, just use the pie menu and select mounting mode. then, ghosts of all missing parts should appear. now use the laser (activated by pressing analog) aim it on the right part, press the trigger, and hold it for 3 sec. We made it that way because the glass and the plate were hard to spot on the ground (transparent glass etc.)

The game runs slowly/lags

Check if you meet the minimum requirements for the game, and make sure your VR hardware is connected correctly (such as AirLink, Steam VR, or Oculus App). We suggest that Oculus players play through Oculus software instead of Steam VR. If you are still having problems, feel free to join our Discord CMS #feedback channel and ask for help. We are happy to assist you.

Spawn/Respawn items

Remember to change the oil. Here are the steps to do it using an Oil Drainer

  1. Lift the car using a lift.
  2. Place the Oil Drainer underneath the car’s engine.
  3. Use an electric screwdriver to unscrew the oil screw (plug) directly above the Oil Drainer.
  4. Allow the old oil to flow out into the Oil Drainer.
  5. Refill the engine with new oil.

Alternatively, steps 2-4 can also be done using a pie menu on the Oil Drainer, although this method is less realistic.

Changing a shock absorber.

  1. Lift the car using a lift
  2. Use a spring puller/clamp to compress the spring around the shock absorber.
  3. Remove the old shock absorber from the vehicle.
  4. Install the new shock absorber by following the reverse process of removal.

Below, you can still see a walkthrough of the second and third missions of the game.